About KisumuRun

 The concept of KisumuRun  is to celebrate the city and its runners in order to encourage sport and spread joy and good humor.

Kisumu Run  invites all residents of  Kisumu  as well as citizens of other cities to explore and (re)discover the beauty of the lake city and its magnificent places.

 By celebrating the city, our goal is to highlight all the beautiful running/walking places in the city and invite runners/walkers to discover them:  Impala Sanctuary, Dunga and many more.

 By celebrating runners, our goal is to showcase all groups of runners, individual runners, coaches, sports champions and any active member of the  Kisumu runner community , and allow people to discover them, get in touch with them. ..

 Around twenty  non-competitive activities will be organized by the city’s running community (running, walking, jogging, introduction to jogging, fitness, etc.). The details of each activity as well as the schedule will be communicated on our social networks ( Facebook and Instagram ).

 Participants can join one of its activities or run/walk alone, in groups of friends, with family … the place, the distance and the schedule of their choice.


We will be also featuring some hotel and transportation partners with great offers for people traveling from other cities.
You can Whatsapp us on +254758283803 for any further info.

Register for #KisumuRun:

  • Can opt for a free registration with an E-certificate
  • Get the Official KisumuRun T-shirt and an e-certificate
  • Get the Official KisumuRun T-shirt , the Medal and an e-certificate
  • Rediscover the magnificent running/walking places of the city
  • Discuss with the community of runners/walkers in Kisumu
  • Join around twenty activities organized by groups of runners, sports coaches and city champions
  • Run/walk freely: in a group of friends, family, alone… the place, time and distance of your choice

Kisumu Run will be held over a weekend (TBC) to make it easy for everyone to participate. The date will be officially communicated here and our social media (Follow us  @KisumuRun on your preferred social media). You can run any day of this weekend at any time. Stay tuned to this website & our social media. Connect with your city in a new exciting way.

Kisumu run is not a marathon, it is a non-competitive sporting event that aims to encourage sport and well-being while celebrating the beauty of Kisumu and highlighting the city's community of runners/walkers.

Kisumu offers about twenty activities organized by groups of runners, sports coaches and champions of the city (running, walking, jogging, introduction to jogging, fitness ...)

You can join the activity(ies) of your choice or run/walk in a group of friends, family, alone ... the time, place and distance that suits you.

From our website www. Kisumu.Run, click on the "Register" button.

KisumuRun puts at your disposal:

  • Free registration with e-certificate.
  • The Official T-shirt of KisumuRun (Polyester) with e-certificate at (Cost TBC)
  • The Official T-shirt of KisumuRun (Polyester), the Medal with e-certificate at (Cost TBC)

 Once registered you have two options:

  • Join an activity: KisumuRun offers several activities organized by different groups of runners, champions and coaches. (running, walking, jogging, introduction to jogging, fitness...). The outings will take place in several places with different times and distances. You can join the exit(s) of your choice.
  • Participate freely:run/walk alone, with a group of friends or family, at the place of your choice, the distance and the schedule that suit you.

 Following the event, do not hesitate to share your participation on the leaderboard  page and on social networks using #Kisumurun and @KisumuRun  

KisumuRun will take place in several locations in the city. The activities, organized by the community of runners of Kisumu, will take place in different places of the city: Impala Park, Dunga, Parkview sunset, Obote road , Jamhuri gardens /Victoria Park ,Wigot , Mambo leo/ Riat Hills .....

 You can collect your medal during the weekend of the event at one of our stands.

No, there is no official ranking. Kisumu Run is not a race or a competition. The goal of Kisumu Run is to celebrate the city and create engagement in the community. You can share your run/walk on our leaderboard page and on social media using #KisumuRun and @KisumuRun.

KisumuRun offers several customizable bibs that you can share on social networks and with your friends.

Feel free to use #KisumuRun and @KisumuRun when sharing on social networks!

KisumuRun offers several activities (running/walking) with different distances (TBC...). You can choose the distance that best suits your abilities. You can also travel to the venue of your choice to run/walk.

Definitely. Run as you like, run alone or run with friends, run with your spouse or with your children. We welcome runners in all formats. You can also run with run groups that we have listed on the website.

For each activity, a starting and finishing point is defined by the group, coach or champion who organizes the activity.

Kisumu Run also offers you the free option: run/walk the place, distance and time of your choice. You can choose the start and finish point that suits you.

As soon as the program is finalized you can find it on our Event schedule  page as well as on our social networks Facebook and Instagram, this schedule will contain: the place, the time, the landmark, the route and the distance.

You can join as many activities as you want with just one registration!

 Kisumurun  offers you several choices in order to allow as many people as possible to participate in the event.

 You can opt for:

  • Registration + e-certificate = free
  • Registration + polyester T-shirt + e-certificate
  • Registration + polyester T-shirt + Medal + e-certificate

You can publish your run at a social media of your choosing and we also recommend registrants to submit their run on the Kisumu Run website (www.Kisumu.Run/submit-your-run/) to be part of the official leaderboard. For social media, make sure you tag us with the hashtag #KisumuRun or our account @KisumuRun.

You can track your Kisumu Run with any tracking app of your choosing. This can be through a fitness tracker or even your mobile phone. Just make sure you submit your tracked or estimated run with a vibrant image of your run view on the Kisumu Run website to be part of the official leaderboard.

Yes, we encourage runners/walkers from all over the country to visit Kisumu for the KisumuRun and get in touch with the runners of the city. In order to make the experience enjoyable for people who travel, they will have at their disposal excellent offers for your stay in Kisumu. Explore www. Kisumu.run/hotels/  for more details.

Yes we do, and not just one, we have many cool Kisumu Run bibs to choose from. Head over to our bib page and design a bib that represents you.

After Kisumu Run, the E-certificate will be issued to all participants via their email addresses previously communicated during registration.

The registration form allows you to either have your T-shirt delivered to you or you can choose to pick up your T-shirt from a location that you find suitable from our options. If you still have questions, reach out to us at contact@kisumu.run/Tel : 0758283803

Yes, we are open to all suggestions. You can send us your suggestions using the form on our places page (www.Kisumu.Run/routes)

You can suggest appropriate runners through the ''Suggest a group of runners'' form on our runners' page (www.KisumuRun/Runners)

We are always happy to hear back from the community.

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